A General Look

 METU Dancesport Club, founded in 1988, is the first couple dances club in Turkey. The club, since its foundation, aspires to introduce and promote dance sport all over Turkey, primarily in METU, having been a milestone in the development and current situation of the dance sport. METU Dancesport Club enjoys having raised a large number of people who are important for dance sport in Turkey, including many athletes who have significant rankings in official competitions, the founders of  almost all of the dance studios in Ankara, some officers and board members charged in various committees of Turkish Dancesport Federation and many of the dance sport adjucators performing in Turkey.


Being a club member…

METU Dancesport Club, with an approximate number of 100 athletes licenced by the Turkish Dancesport Federation, is the largest dance sport club of Turkey. In the beginning of every academic year, new athlete candidates for the disciplines of Dancesport and Argentine Tango are selected and trained. The club, with the purpose of promoting technical development, provides its athletes with a wide range of opportunities to be enjoyed during an intensive curricula. Besides the regular trainings having technical and supportive aims, workshops and private lessons are regularly carried out by worldwide known dancers and  EDT Dancesport Competitions, where our athletes prepare themselves for national and international competitions, are organized every month.


Various groups of dancers, formed from the members of the club, perform shows in national events and our club reaches every year, over 5000 people who are in love with dancing. In addition, our annual show, choreoraphies of which are prepared by internationally experienced choreographers, is performed during 3 days in METU Cultural and Convention Center at the end of every academic year and receives appreciation from a very large audience.


Opportunities Provided For Non-Members

Our club works with the purpose of promoting couple dances primarily in METU, than in Ankara and finally in Turkey. Within the scope of this objective, some athletes are selected to be trained as future dance instructors and the ones who are able to complete the serious education programme are appointed as dance instructors to give classes of dance, which are available for everyone in Ankara all the year round. In these classes, a wide range of dances, including Latin American Dances such as Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive; Standard Dances such as Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Social Dances such as Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango are taught in three different levels, concerning the knowledge of the student: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


In addition, our students are provided with the opportunity to practise what they learn, in the parties held in the most prestigious dance bars of Ankara and milonga practice sessions are organized for Argentine Tango students. Moreover, our successful students have the chance to take place in the shows, together with our show group, which are performed in METU, during the semester. Our club is proud to help, over 300 university students every month, meet the world of dance through these events.


METU Dancesport Club, as well as the classes given to adults, trains children and teens between 5 and 17 years of age in Children Groups, under the supervision of professional teachers.