Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress for the dance classes?

It is highly recommended to dress in a way that will not prevent you from dancing comfortably; trousers, skirts or T-shirts can be worn. Since changing rooms are available in our club rooms, you can change your clothes easily.

It will be quite helpful to wear a pair of shoes- preferably not boots, in which your feet will comfortably move while dancing. It will not be allowed to join the classes with shoes worn in the street beforehand. In case of lack of an alternative pair, you will be provided with a pair of overshoes. This is quite important directly in terms of the hygiene of the room and indirectly, your health and comfort. You are kindly requested to pay attention to this issue.


Do I have to attend the classes with a partner?


No, you do not have to have a partner to register. Since the number of the men and the ladies are kept in balance during the registrations, you will have a partner in the class. However, due to the intensive demand by the ladies, it is possible not to have a partner if the registration is done especially in the last days of the registration period. Taking this into consideration, it is recommended to the ladies to control the balance between the men and the ladies in the dance classes, and in case of enrolling singly, to register in the very first days of the registration period.

Our club accepts no liability for those who do not attend the classes despite having registered. In this case, there is a possibility of not having a partner. Therefore, you are kindly requested to pay attention to the attendance to the classes.


Is it possible to register if I am not a student of METU?

Our classes are offered for any interested dance lovers inAnkara. However, if you are not a student of METU, the course fee is applied as 55 TL.


How can I present a complaint related to the classes?

At the end of every course period, a poll is distributed by the instructor. You can present your suggestions, comments and complaints through these polls. Please ask for the poll in the last class of the course!